Hukum Singh is the founder and developer of the Resonance Engine experience. In addition to teaching others to appreciate and live the essence of music, he is a Kundalini yoga instructor and member of the Sikh community who incorporates the precepts of this spiritual discipline in his musical endeavors. He is an accomplished concert pianist who performs throughout the United States. Phillip holds a BM (Bachelor of Music ) in piano performance from Colorado University having had the privilege to study piano with Larry Graham, accompaniment and chamber music with Dr. Robert Spillman and harpsichord, Renaissance and Baroque music with Dr. Elizabeth Farr.

He currently maintains a full piano studio and balances numerous activities as an avid vocal / instrumental coach, accompanist and Kundalini yoga instructor in Denver.

Always the experimenter, always the explorer, Hukum’s multi-faceted life experience has been blended to help him become one of the most innovative musicians in the Denver area. Because he has had the opportunity to work with musicians of all levels and refinement he is in a position to address the needs of a broad range of students with a myriad of needs. The creation of Resonance Engine is a natural outflow of his learning and his life’s passion.

It is his unique combination of focuses that creates such an effective experience in learning to play piano and in honing music skills for professionals.

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