The Resonance Engine is the synthesis of the musical, yogic, and spiritual work of Hukum Singh. In all of Hukum Singh’s pursuits -- athletic, musical, academic, etc. -- there has been only one common denominator: Ease! Two things at the foundation of the human structure have made this possible -- Energy and Resonance.

We offer each student the experience of fun, free creativity and a strong foundation of confidence in the discovery of personal excellence through the use of The Resonance Engine toolbox (this needs a hyperlink to the list of stuff)

RESONANCE - our definition:
an increase amplitude (breadth strength / cohesiveness) of oscillation (swing between two points with a rhythmic motion) of a mechanical system when it is subjected to vibration by another source at or near its own natural frequency.

ENGINE - our definition:
A machine that convert energy into mechanical power or motion. The idea of using an Engine (our internal FIRE and WILL) as a means to power another construct (be it music, math, dance, etc.) puts you firmly in the drivers seat.

When you begin the study of music with Hukum Singh, you will be given opportunities to tap into many of your inner capabilities through a yogic approach to learning. You will develop sources of strength and discipline upon which you can draw not only for your musical proficiency but also for all aspects of your life.
Our tools let us enjoy the interplay between the creative action of our desire to manifest our dreams. When applied to learning, individual creative abilities emerge. Blocks to confidence and flow can be dissolved. What results is a sense of joy and satisfaction in our own stqate of being.

We are dedicated to supporting professional musicians and students of music as they reach for the peak of their performance and capability. In all settings Hukum Singh capitalizes on opportunities to provide people with an experience based on their own caliber and capacity for excellence.

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