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Welcome to Resonance Engine! Resonance Engine is an environment where we apply technologies and practices that increase our ability to experience our excellence.

The Resonance Engine workshop, led by Phillip Howard a.k.a. Hukum Singh. provides a student experiences necessary to build a functioning identity base for all endeavors. We use the ancient practice of Kundalini Yoga and traditions of western “art” music as our primary tools in this project.

Resonance Engine can help build Self Trust.

Learn to Trust in our Artistry - Students of all ages and backgrounds come to music, yoga and many other pursuits with expectations that are rooted in the experience of another person (parents, friends, something seen in the media). When students are asked about why they want to engage in an activity they often say that they just resonate with it. As they progress with the activity, many end up reciting a litany of excuses and regrets about why it’s probably not possible for them to really excel. The Resonance Engine interrupts this process before any conscious judgment can form. We amplify pre-existing ideas, emotions and beliefs about a given situation and challenge them directly. We poke, provoke, and uplift. In doing so we learn to listen to and trust ourselves.

Learn to take care of Our Selves.

Work Through Shame & Judgment - Combining the tools of Kundalini Yoga and formal musical study develops an awareness that gives us an ability to separate our Self from our artistic projects. When we are able make this separation, it is possible to observe our unique identity and how it interfaces with infinity. At this point we work with grace in a new direction without shame or relentless judgment.

At the Resonance Engine workshop we learn the importance of being a steward of our dreams musical and otherwise through acceptance and challenge.


We strive to provide students and professionals alike with an experience of transforming of noise (raw material) into something unexpectedly beautiful.

Kundalini Yoga with Hukum Singh at Shiva Mandir

01:30 - 03:00 pm
every other week
1391 South Pennsylvania
Practice Kundalini in Yoga in the the Denver Shiva temple
Deep meditations and Yoga for all levels of experience and abiliy
$ 10.- requested donation
Pleasum please contact Hukum for more detailed information.

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