The edited transcript of a course taught in LA in 1983 serves as the foundation for the Workshop Series for men called The Invincible Man. Hukum SIngh encourages yogis interested in exploring there masculine side. Purchase this book to experience Yogi Bhajan's vibration first hand.

The invisible Man

THE MIND $ 24,95.-

This book offers ways to encounter the mind as your most powerful friend and servant rather than as your master. Yogi Bhajan provides us with an owner's manual for the human mind and spirit to lead us consciously and confidently into the future.

Taught by Kundalini Yoga teacher Hukum Singh of Resonance Engine

Date to be determined
12:30 pm - 3:30 pm
9/23/07 53 East Asbury (between South Broadway and Lincoln)
Pre-register for $ 45.- (or pay at the door $ 50.-)

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