The Invincible Man Part 2
A Kundalini Yoga Workshop for Men

An intesive kundalini Yoga Workshop for Men. Come experience the teachings that Yogi Bhajan gave specially for men. Based on a course Yogi Bhajan gave in Los Angesles 1983.

  • Experience infinity in the finite form. Experience your male form.

  • Learn communication skills that take the male polarity into account!
    This will Change your life.

  • Overcome any self-imposed limitations in your practice (or your life).
    Improve performance. Deepen your courage!

Taught by Kundalini Yoga teacher Hukum Singh of Resonance Engine

Date to be determined
12:30 pm - 3:30 pm
9/23/07 53 East Asbury (between South Broadway and Lincoln)
Pre-register for $ 45.- and go to the Shop (or pay at the door $ 50.-)

Kundalini Yoga Teaching Schedule

Hukum Singh at Samadhi Center for Yoga
Uptown Square
639 East 19th Avenue in Denver (between Pearl and Washington)

04:00 - 05:30 pm Tuesdays
09:15 - 10:45 am Wednesdays
04:00 - 05:15 pm Thursdays
09:15 - 10:45 am Fridays

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